Friday, September 28, 2007

Carrying The Presence

I’ve been thinking about the priests in the Old Testament who carried the Ark of the Covenant in the book of Joshua. They had the privilege and responsibility of carrying the tangible presence and power of God in their nation. As a result they had a front row seat to demonstrations of God’s power to save, protect, deliver and restore. They saw the Jordan River stop flowing the moment they stepped into the water. Carrying the Ark around Jericho might have been hard work in the heat of the Middle East, but what a sight to see the walls collapse as the trumpets blew and the people shouted.

I’m convinced that the Presence of God is too important to be limited to Sunday morning gatherings and brief moments that we set aside through our day. It’s got to be about more than just us, our inner peace and comfort and joy that comes from that. Deep down, I’ve come to believe that God’s plan for His people is to carry His Presence into the market place and the public square and to share the full benefit of His Presence with those we meet there rather than simply keeping it to ourselves.

This is far less complicated than what we’ve made it in the past. The priests did nothing more than carry the Ark. While they lived lives of holiness and separation, they weren’t overly mystical, flaky or hyper-spiritual. They were simply priests who carried the Presence.

Something good happens when the Presence of God comes into a place. His Presence brings His blessing. His Presence brings His power. His Presence brings wisdom, hope, courage and strength. His Presence changes everything it touches.

It's your world. Carry His Presence into it and watch what happens!


Don Strutt said...

Good word, Tim.
We bless you in your ministry and we are very thankful for a voice to our 'Leaders'.

Don Strutt

Maxine said...

I feel so blessed to have met you and so exited about the position that God has placed you in. May he give you all the wisdom that you require to minister in that position as well as all the finances that you will require. Amen. Maxine