Monday, September 24, 2007

Office Update number ??

After what seems like forever, I have some pictures of our new space to show you. Since these were taken, we've acquired some furniture, but I'll hold off on showing you the finished product until the carpet is in and our new chairs are in place.

This was the first day we painted. Notice the short extension on the roller. I got a great deal on the package only to discover that the roller only fit that 18" extension.... sigh....

And this is why I opted to get a roller cage that could be used with a proper extension pole. I call this picture "Reach Higher"

Here's Barb sweeping up after we done. You can see the painted walls behind her. Don't you think she's the most beautiful member of a clean up crew you've ever seen.... and can she ever sweep a room clean!

This is the view out the window of the office. It faces south and overlooks a small park. You can hear the squirrels and birds when the window is open and the sun is shining, but only if there isn't a bus, ambulance or fire truck going by.

Here's the view from beside the window looking towards the door. It gives you a better sense of the color and the size of the room. We've still got some trim to paint up on the window and door, but apart from that there's not much left to do.

And finally, the best picture of all. Barb has been a huge part of every step along the way and is so supportive of what we are doing. There have been a ton of changes in our lives in the last few years and she has been a rock and anchor through it all. I'll post some pictures of the office sans carpet tomorrow, which will be my first day in our office space.


Anonymous said...

Nice. 'The Office' needs some staff too, Tim. I'd like to recommend 'Pam' for the receptionist position at first. She very friendly and down to earth. ha ha. Seriously, can't wait to see 'The Furnished Office'! Cheers, Blaine

Sarah said...

Barb is beautiful as always... you should add more pics of her in your posts... Great new office!