Sunday, September 02, 2007

Getting Into the Groove

Summer vacation ends today. If you're a student, that's not necessarily good news. If you are a parent you just might be breathing a sigh of relief. We love our kids but are glad that school starts again in September!

This is also a time when MLA's will be preparing for the fall sitting of the Legislature. Contrary to popular belief, MLA's aren't on vacation all summer but rather spend their days in their ridings, meeting constituents and working on local issues. September brings caucus retreats, strategy and policy development sessions and a general ramping up of their schedules as they prepare to return to Victoria.

In anticipation of the fall session, we are busy developing a fall prayer strategy, building partnerships and arranging speaking/ministry engagements. It's an exciting time for us personally and for the ministry. We want to be covered in prayer and prepared to minister effectively on October 1st.

A good friend (and former neighbour) left me a comment on the blog about this being our season. I believe that he's right and that September will be absolutely amazing as God takes us to a whole new level.

Letting go of yesterday, embracing tomorrow!

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