Friday, September 28, 2007

Our New Office

I’m excited to announce that we’ve been blessed with fantastic office space in a perfect location. The office is within 2 blocks of the Legislature and is located in the Community Ministries Centre of Church of Our Lord. (The CMC is on the left hand side of the church.)
Church of Our Lord is the oldest church in all of Victoria and is a familiar landmark in the downtown core. It’s within a few blocks of the Legislature which is fantastic. It truly goes beyond what we had dared to hope, ask or imagine.
There are some pictures in an earlier post of the painting and construction, but here are some with the furniture in place. I just got a call that our carpet will arrive early next week!

This is a view from the door area. There's a park outside the window with some beautiful old trees in it. The office is on the second floor which gives a great view of the squirrels in the tree.

This is the view from behind the desk of the conversation and meeting area. I apologize for the poor lighting, but I took this with a camera phone. The burgundy chairs will be replaced by leather club chairs sometime over the next few weeks. Once the carpet is in, we'll load up the bookshelves and get rid of the boxes.

While our mailing address will remain the same, the office itself is located at 626 Blanshard St., Victoria, BC. Our new phone number is 250-483-5403. If you happen to be in Victoria, please stop by and visit.

We've been blessed with some tremdous deals through this process, and have had an excellent response to helping with our office set up expenses. We still need approx $1500 to finish the project. If you’d like to be a part of help with the costs of setting up our office, please click here to to share in the miracle with us.

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