Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How To Vote In The Federal Election - Part 4

I just got back from our local all candidates forum. It was an interesting evening with some excellent questions. As I listened I came away with the distinct impression that the main candidates all had some good ideas. I also came away with the distinct awareness that there are no easy answers to the challenges that exist in our nation. With the recent meltdown on Wall Street it's just a matter of time until America's financial woes begin to affect our economic health in Canada.

The bottom line is that those who will win this election will need a measure of wisdom beyond themselves. At the end of the day, I want people of wisdom working on Parlaiment Hill on my behalf and I think you do to. I want people who understand the economic implications of tax cuts, tax increases, I want people who are able to navigate changes to social policy and also have a sense of how to address environmental issues. What I really want is someone who has the humility to recognize that there is a SOURCE of WISDOM outside of themselves and will have the courage to seek it out.

Every morning that Parlaiment is in session, the day begins with prayers. My hope is that the primary request of the person I vote for is 'God grant us your wisdom as we lead this great nation.'

Proverbs tell us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. My prayer is that every candidate will seek the wisdom that only God can give and that as they find it, they will apply it to the challenges in our nation.


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the articles and discussion around these issues, Tim -- thanks. I wonder however, if you are going to take the next step in keeping to your web namesake? Clearly you are 'leading' in discussion and provoking self-reflection on the election - but will you go so far as to try and 'influence' others to vote with you for the leader you've choosen?? Care to share why you are going to vote the way you are?

Tim Schindel said...

That's a great question but it's also one that I'm unable to answer. There are really two reasons for that. The first is that I'm committed to being non-partisan because I don't want to limit my ministry effectiveness by endorsing a particular party or candidate.

The other reason that I can't answer is that I remain VERY undecided. I attended a local candidates forum last night and I heard stuff I liked from every candidate. (Well... maybe not EVERY candidate. Some people just shouldn't be given access to microphones...) The truth is I like various things that I see from the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP and the Green Party. I certainly prefer some local candidates over their national leaders and in at least one case really like the national leader more than the local candidate. So.... I'm still undecided....