Thursday, May 31, 2007

He Supplieth Every Need!!

There's a song that we've been singing at our house for the last few months that has the following lyrics:

"It's a big, big house with lots and lots of rooms". God knows what he's doing and He has heard answered our prayers in style. In an ideal world, we'd like to live in downtown Victoria within a few blocks of the Legislature, but the houses and yards are quite small and the costs are quite high. Last night I received a call from an owner of a house that I had looked at on Tuesday morning. It's either 2200 or 2400 square feet, 5 bdrms, 4 bathrooms on 1.3 acres in the country. The lot borders on a nature preserve. There's lots of room for everyone (including the dog!) This will be a wonderful home for the next year as we find our feet and get re-established in Victoria.

I didn't fall asleep until well past 1 AM because I was just so excited about the events of the past 2 days. God has been so good to us. In 30 (counting today) days we will be living in Victoria and I won't be spending nearly as much time at the Vancouver airport waiting for flights. I'm at the airport as I write this. I made a surprising discovery yesterday... what I thought was a 5:40 PM flight was actually a 5:40 AM flight. I was up at 4:25 this morning...

From a ministry perspective, the past 2 days have been awesome. I am starting to be introduced as "the Chaplain". It's strange and exciting at the same time. God continues to open doors of favor and opporunity. There's more than I can tell on here because I'm committed to protecting the privacy of MLA's but I can tell you I was thrilled to be able to pray with an MLA in his office about some specific challenges that he shared with me.

Last night we went out for Chilean food (very good!!) An MLA from the Fraser Valley was there and we discussed the impending flood threat. Apparently there's not enough water in the Fraser because of the slow melt. The heat from the Interior will change that somewhat, but the river SHALL NOT flood!

Looking forward to getting home, seeing Barb and having a nap.


Danica said...

God! Yes!

Tim said...

Awesome isn't it. Since I wrote that post, things have changed and the Lord has given us a house downtown. (not given in the truest sense, we have to rent it...) but still the perfect house for the type of ministry we are moving into. It's a block from the Legislature, 2 blocks to Tyler's school and near a bus stop. He knows my need!


Jan said...

How wonderful,
How marvelous,
And my song shall ever be,
How wonderful,
How marvelous,
is my savior's love for thee.

Louise said...

I'll come by for a visit in November!!! We'll be "out" for my cousin's wedding :) I always try to take a walk downtown on each visit (the Empress and Legislature lights at night are beeauuteeful!) and missed doing that in April so for sure November! We even have grandparents to babysit... we can take ya out for dinner or something! Happy packing :)