Sunday, May 27, 2007

Miracle House Needed!

A few days ago, I said I would share what's happening in our lives as we prepare for the move, so here's the latest:

1. Our house is sold. The subjects came off on Friday afternoon and the sold sign is up. It's exciting, surreal and unsettling all at the same time.

2. We are looking for a place to live. This sounds like no big deal until you realize that the rental market in Victoria is basically 0% and that the real estate market is white hot and most stuff is gone before it hits MLS.

3. The good news is that I am heading to Victoria tomorrow to spend the week at the Legislature and to house hunt. The bad news is I'm going to househunt without Barb. :-(
Call us crazy but that's the way this is playing out.

4. We need a miracle house. A place where we can keep our dog, that's affordable (you wouldn't believe the cost of renting in Victoria) or an unbelievable deal. We want to live in the James Bay/Fernwood area for several good reasons that are mostly connected to the proximity to the Legislature. It needs to be in a good area for our kids and it needs to be "pet friendly" because our dog is part of the family. Dogs grow on you and she would be VERY missed! Some of you might be laughing, but "you have not because you ask not".

5. We need a miracle house in the next 5 days. It's important to get this nailed down so that there's some stability for our kids over the next month as we start packing up their stuff and putting it in boxes.

Thanks for standing with us. Let us know you're praying.



Donna said...

Like I said before, GOD KNOWS YOUR ADDRESS!!!!! I will pray this week he will show you where your mail is going to be delivered, where you will put the coffee on for us and even where your going to clean up after your dog!!!!

Jan said...

When God is your real estate agent, miracles happen. I look forward to hearing your next report.

Moni said...

I'm going to miss my snowboarding buddies. :'(
don't worry my mom went and bought a house with out me and my dad knowing.


Louise said...

Miles bought our first SK house without me and I loved it! Where is this mansion that you're gonna rent? Did you get the James Bay area you wanted or???
I registered for camp yesterday (June 1st)...