Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Prayer Breakfast Report

What a day this has been! We were up early and were on our way to the Union Club at 6:15. Victoria is beautiful any time of day, but we actually smelled the flowers as we walked past the Empress. Our team was in place and ready to go when we got there. (Such an incredible group of people.)

We had a great morning! We had 9 MLA's attend and they were very moved by the breakfast. Dave Hauser (Board Member and Uncle) Emceed the event and did an exceptional job. Tom Oshiro (a pastoral legend in Victoria, said grace and encouraged us). We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast provided by the Union Club. David Wells brought greetings from the PAOC District Conference, Gordon Patterson (Gateway Baptist) brought greetings on behalf of the Church in Victoria and then Wally Berndt introduced me.

It's kind of strange speaking at your own event, but the room was filled with friends and partners so it was pretty amazing. Pastor Andrew Picklyk prayed for the MLA's ( I love my pastor and will miss him when we move!) It was powerful and there weren't many dry eyes among the MLA's. It was so amazing.

There are several significant things pending coming out of this meeting. We continue to have favor among the MLA's but there is a huge (and exciting) opportunity coming out of this morning that may propel us beyond anything that we had expected thus far. It reminds me of Eph 3:20 (He who is able to do exceedingly above all that we are able to think or ask or imagine...) That's what we are seeing in this journey. God is doing far more, far faster than we ever dreamed possible. It's incredible to say the least.

God was very real and present this morning. We knew his presence and Spirit among us and upon us. We found out that 3 intercessors were on "Jericho duty" walking the sidewalks around the Union Club and praying for us and the MLA's. How cool is that! God is good!!

I'll post some pictures ASAP so you can see what it looked like!!


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Tennille said...

Congrats Tim! Sounds like a huge success. I'm excited for you guys taking this step into the destiny God has for you (even though it's stealing my beloved piano teacher and friends...but I'm not bitter...) Love you guys.

Oh and PS - don't worry about the kids, all will be well. ;o)