Saturday, May 05, 2007

Prayer Breakfast Pictures

Here are some pictures from our recent prayer breakfast. I've even included some "food shots" for those of you that want to see what breakfast looked like ...

Mary Jane Smith (left) and Donna Pechie. This breakfast would NOT have happened without their help and support. They were the administrative and logistical team that pulled it together.

Pastor Gordon Patterson (Gateway Baptist), Pastors Dan and Susan MacLean (Victoria Miracle Centre) and Ione Robinson. These are friends and partners who came to join us for the day.

Rev. David Wells, District Supt, BC PAOC brought greetings and formally blessed us and the ministry. Dave has been a long time friend and encourger to both Barb and I.

Susan Uganecz (ministry partner) and the obligatory "food shot".

As you can see, breakfast was great!

The Honorable Kevin Kreuger, Minister of State for Mining and the lovely Barb Schindel. Barb is my wife, Kevin is my MLA and no... we don't want to confuse that....

We had a total of 9 MLA's with us for the morning and the opportunity to connect with many of them since the breakfast has been fantastic. I'm hoping to return to Victoria sometime in the next few weeks to attend the legislature again before the session concludes. I've decided to purchase a clerical collar to wear while I'm there. Can't wait to see what that's going to look like. I'll post a picture on a day when things are slow here.

Have a good one!!

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Louise said...

Glad all went well. So would not have recognized Barb - her hair & glasses are darker or something (still beautiful of course though!!!)