Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Surprise

Our boys are in a ball tournament this weekend, so I let them sleep in and did their paper route this morning. Zoe (our Lab) hasn't had a good walk for a few days so I decided to take her with me "off leash". At 5:30 AM, what could the harm be??

She bounded out of the house and down the street as she loves to explore, sniff and dart through yards, bushes and gardens. Every so often I'd call her back, she'd walk beside me and all seemed well. As we approached our first stop, she was ahead of me, sniffing through the bushes at a nearby house. I wasn't really paying attention as it was "pre-coffee" but I did notice her go into the bushes.

What happened next was a sight to behold... there was a flurry of activity followed by a mad dash because Zoe had found a cat. Because the cat was the same color as she it, it looked as though Zoe had been thrown backward out of the bushes. What happened was the cat darted out the back and she was scrambling to catch it. The cat streaked across the yard and parking lot with Zoe in hot pursuit. There was no barking, just full out speed. The cat bolted up the nearest tree which would have been fine except that it was full of crows who started squawking and protesting. At the point, the cat is about 10 feet up in the tree, hanging on for dear life while Zoe is jumping up at it.

I called her away and we finished Tyler's route. As we walked back past the tree again, I noticed the cat still up the tree with the crows squawking away.

Do cats come down from trees or do you have to call the fire department?

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Jan said...

Zoe is going to love chasing the raccoons in Victoria.